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    Public Health Online began in early 2014 in response to what we saw as a need for a resource to serve aspiring and practicing public health professionals across all disciplines. Our vision was to provide students, parents and general readers with accurate and expert-driven information and resources about public health topics, careers and the post-secondary educational landscape. We want our in-depth guidebooks and degree- and subject-focused pages to help anyone interested in public health make informed decisions at every turn.


    In short, we serve everyone interested in public health. Many of our resources cater to current and future college students and adult learners. Due to the site’s eclectic audience, we present information in a multitude of user-friendly ways, including detailed articles, charts and graphs, interactive tools and maps, quizzes and more. Everything on our site has been researched meticulously and vetted by experts to ensure readers get content that’s informative, valuable and 100 percent accurate. If there’s anything you’d like to see on our site that’s not here now, or if you have feedback about a current element, we welcome your comments and suggestions.


    The solutions to today’s most pressing public health issues requires an interdisciplinary approach– from the epidemiologists that conduct research and the biostatisticians that evaluate and interpret their data, to the policymakers that prioritize and fund public health initiatives and the program directors that design and implement outreach programs. Similarly, Public Health Online required the expertise of people from a number of backgrounds to make the idea of creating a free online public health resource a reality. This involved everybody from public health professionals that lent their time and expertise to ensure the accuracy and timely relevance of the information on the site, to web developers responsible for the site’s design and functionality along with professional writers that helped make complex ideas accessible to a broad audience.


    We’re Here To Provide Information But Encourage You To Conduct Your Own Research
    We believe everyone should be able to make educational decisions with confidence. It’s important to note that our site does not feature every university or educational option available on the market. We encourage you to perform your own independent research before making any education decisions.

    This website is owned and operated by Wiley. Many of the education programs included are from our Wiley University Services partners and schools that compensate us as a paid advertiser. This may influence which educational offerings we write about and where and how they appear on a page. Our content is free and originates from many different education content writers; our views and opinions are our own and for information purposes only.

    To get in contact with us for updates or anything else, please email here: olm@wiley.com.